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Post 6

Monday 30th Aug
Bobby and I have continued our trekking for Ruth this week, meeting some new dogs and owners as the weather warms up. We will be continuing to walk especially around the neighbourhood, say hi if you see us!
Below is a photo of Bobby after his bath this morning with his special after bath treat. Love the fluffer!

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Monday 23rd Aug
Another week, another 16km of walking for Chappython! Bobby is curled up for the night after a neighbourhood wander this afternoon, the night is a bit chillier so he is in front of a small woodfire, his happy place!

Post 4

Sunday 15th Aug
Bobby and I have racked up another 10km or so during the week, thanks to those who have donated this week, it is much appreciated.
This afternoon, I went for a bike ride and Joe and Bobby went for a walk; Joe tried some reindeer ears on Bobby, just for fun. If you're familiar with the movie Frozen, I think Joe was going for the Sven look....

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Tuesday 10th Aug
Bobby and I have travelled another 9 km over 3 walks or so, mostly again around our local neighbourhood. 
We went for a Saturday adventure, a Sunday stroll, and a Monday wander, and will have to keep an eye out on the weather this afternoon. On other afternoons, the kids and I have been playing badminton in the yard, with Bobby curious about the shuttlecock.
Wednesday 4th Aug
Bobby and I wandered in the wind this afternoon, Bobby's ears blowing about a bit (I had a hat on to keep my ears warm).
We wandered left along my street, then up the hill meeting Rod from Ipswich City with his dog. I imagine the two dogs nodding and saying, ''S'up," as they go past. 
We turn at the top and go past Cora and George's, wave down the street at Joan H, past Don and Betty's daughter's house, and turn down the hill at the end of the street. 
We turn to go past the front of Brassall Village, waving at Linda and Dennis's down a bit further, turn down again and go parallel to our street around an extra block before heading in at our gate. Another 3k or so, and a quick cuddle for the camera!

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Tuesday 3rd Aug
Bobby and I have begun our trekking for Ruth at Brassall SS. We have clocked up about 6 kms on two journeys (Bobby is keen, but he is 12 human years old; still sometimes faster than me but)...

After checking the peemail on many poles in our local street, we headed up to the Haig St Quarry to have a look at the view. Visibility wasn't good enough to see the hills out yonder, so we'll try again soon. 

Bobby was a bit weary after the quarry adventure so my son helped him up the stairs to watch TV with us. 

Andrea and Bobby for Brassall SS Chaplain

Saturday 31st Jul
Bobby and I will be clocking up the k's to raise money for Ruth at Brassall SS.

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