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I'm fundraising for chaplaincy services at Brassall State School.

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Signing off...

Tuesday 31st Aug
Ipswich Chappython 2021 draws to a close today. Thank you to participants, sponsors and general encouragers. Your efforts have moved us towards the goal of increasing chaplaincy support for young people at Brassall State School. I am very grateful. 

Is it Summer yet?

Saturday 21st Aug
Today’s cubii ride was very sunny. Well, the sun was outside and I was inside, but it looked quite bright. The Ipswich Chappython will officially conclude at the end of August but I will be chasing my fitness goal beyond that time. Thanks to all who have supported and are continuing to support in different ways. I believe our efforts will enable more support for students at Brassall State School. 

Walking or cycling?

Friday 13th Aug
I’m not sure whether exercising on a cubii fitness machine is walking or cycling. In any case, I enjoyed the tree view from our lounge room accompanied by lots of Olympic action. I’m also really impressed with the other Chappython participants. It’s great to know I’m not alone! Thanks to all supporters.

Ipswich Chappython

Saturday 31st Jul
Starts tomorrow!

Gearing up

Friday 11th Jun
I’m planning on stacking up some kms on my Cubii in August. In training now :)

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Julie Inskip

One of the best chappy's ever at a school that would benefit from the extra hours. Love you Ruth xx




Glen Walters

Go Ruth!!


Glen Walters

All the best Ruth!!



You're a legend :)


Del Cole

Del is keen to support you and your work, she remembers your Father kindly, and hopes you are going well.


Kathy And Richard Morrison


Ruth Ladley



Great job Ruth!



Best of luck 👍


Del Little


Scott & Melissa And Family

Happy walking Chappy Ruth